Two Boats and a Helicopter

Two Boats and a Helicopter

December 19, 2019

Dr. Keith L. Anderson

Have you ever had a conversation that ended with someone telling you they’re waiting for a sign from God? I believe God can give us wondrous signs, to help us through life. However, I also think we want the theatrics of God’s miracles and forget the practicality of His wisdom. Often times this causes us to sit around waiting for a sea to part, or a jug of water to turn into wine.

Recently, friends from my old high school days came up to Idaho to visit me. I took them to our family’s cabin in McCall. We were blessed with snow and a couple of days of sunshine. One day we sat talking. One of my friends told the rest of us about a problem he was having. We asked him what he was going to do about the situation. He told us he was waiting for a sign from God. The sign seemed obvious to those of us listening. To get him to see the obvious, I told him the following story:

Harry lived in one of those towns where flooding occurred almost every year. This particular year the rains fell extremely hard, flooding many houses. Being a just and godly man, Harry had little fear of the flood waters. Little by little the flood waters creep towards his property. Harry’s faith never wavered. He prayed as the water continued to come. Finally Harry climbed on top of his house.

Soon one of his neighbors came by in a canoe and yelled, “Harry, get in and I’ll take you to dry land.”

“No, I’m staying put. God will save me and my house,” yelled Harry.

“Are you sure? I can’t wait any longer. These waters are getting rough.”

“I’m sure. God will save me.” The neighbor paddled away to dry land.

The waters kept rising. Harry was now standing on his chimney. Along came another neighbor in a motor boat.

“Harry, get in and I’ll get you to dry land,” he yelled.

“No thanks. I’ve prayed and I have faith that God will save me.”

“Are you sure? The water is coming up your chimney.”

“I’m sure. God will save me. You save yourself.”

The neighbor motored off to dry land.

The water reached the top of the chimney and Harry’s feet began to get wet. Suddenly there was wind blowing and the sound of thunder. He looked up and saw a helicopter from the search and rescue.

“Grab the rope and I’ll hoist you up,” said the guy in the helicopter.

Again Harry said, “No, I’m waiting for God to save me.”

“Are you sure? There’s more water headed this way.”

“I’m sure. God will save me. You save yourself.” The helicopter took off. The pilot  turned the helicopter around to take a final look at Harry, but Harry was gone.

In a blink of an eye Harry was at the foot of God. Looking around he realized he’d died and gone to heaven. He looked up at God and said, “Lord, I had so much faith in you. I thought you would save me from the flood. Instead you let me die.”

God answered, “My son, I sent you two boats and helicopter.”

Many people miss out on a lot of God’s treasures waiting for a heavenly sign. Sometimes God’s answers are part of our everyday life. God can use great and mighty signs, but sometimes miracles from God can be as simple as two boats and a helicopter.