Welcome to the 'Life In Christ' website. This website has been created for your peace of mind when it comes to the Word of God. We hope that you will enjoy the information that has been placed on this site by various Christian contributors. We are always looking for Christian contributors to this website. If you have a article that you would like to contribute to the website, please send to info@lifeinchrist.life. All we ask is that the contributor believe in the true and spiritual Word of God and not any man made philosophy or version of the Word of God. The designer and facilitator of this site believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God also as our Lord and Savior.

Mike "The WebbMaster" Webb
Website Facilitator and Believer in Christ

Who we are

A Life In Christ is a online website where you the visitor may receive information pertaining to the Word of God. Not only that you will be able to ask questions and gain perspective on the Word of God and its importance to your life and existence upon earth.

What we do

We provide video and audio of ministers preaching and teaching the Word of God around the Southern California region. Many of you will be able to view Bible Study material that will allow to to advancing your understanding of the Word of God.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to provide you with a understanding of the true Word of God. We will not give or share with you anything that is not supported by the Word of God. We will not mix the Word of God with mans traditions, philosophies and history. But we will show you mans traditions, philosophies and history from a Godly perspective.


Welcome to the "Life In Christ" bible study area. In this area you will find bible study lessons for everyone and Adult Bible Study lessons from various Ministerial resources. Feel free to look into our current offerings. If there is something that you are specifically looking for email us at info@lifeinchrist.life and we will put up the subject matter that you are requesting within two days. Yes you can request to have certain subject matter placed in this study area for all to see and share. We do limit the number of lessons displayed.


Reaping and Sowing

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Reaping and Sowing June 1, 2024 Galatians 6:7-10 Presented...Read More

Jesus Calms the Storm

  Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Jesus Calms the Storm May 4, 2024 Mark...Read More

Love and Obey the Lord

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Love and Obey the Lord April 6, 2024 Deuteronomy...Read More

Intimacy with God

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Intimacy with God March 2, 2024 Psalm 63:1-11 Presented...Read More

More Than Conquerors

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents More Than Conquerors October 7, 2023 Romans 8:28-39 Presented...Read More

Doing Good to All

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Doing Good to All August 5, 2023 Galatians 6:1-10...Read More

643 Sins and counting

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents 643 Sins … and counting! July 8, 2023 Multiple...Read More

Punishment for Sexual Sin

Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Punishment for Sin Leviticus 20:1-27 June 3, 2023 Presented...Read More

Life Through The Spirit

Believers Life Style Bible Study May 6, 2023 Life through the Spirit Romans 8:1-17 Presented...Read More

Pray Like This

  Life In Christ Bible Study Presents Pray Like This Matthew 6:5-15 April 1, 2023...Read More

The Children of God

Believers Life Style Bible Study February 4, 2023 Children of God 1st John 2:28- 3:10...Read More

God’s Love and Our Love

Life In Christ Bible Study What’s Love Got to do with it God’s Love and...Read More

The Power of Love

Life In Christ Bible Study Power of Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:5-14 October 1,...Read More

The Fig Tree Withers

Life In Christ Bible Study The Fig Tree Withers Scripture Matthew 21:18-22 September 3, 2022...Read More

The Fall of Man: The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Believers Life Style Bible Study May 7, 2022 The Fall of Man: The Knowledge of...Read More

Trials and Temptations

Life In Christ Bible Study Topic: Trials and Temptations Presented by Michael Webb Scripture References:...Read More

Life Through the Son

Life In Christ Bible Study March 5, 2022 Topic: Life Through the Son Presented by...Read More
The Christian Community

Welcome to the Christian Community section. This is where you share your thoughts and views on issues concerning our Christian faith. If you have experiences or thoughts that can be a blessing to others share them. You will also be able to respond to these views with your own perspective. We look at this as sharing as well as encouraging others, letting them know what Christ is doing in their lives. Read comments from around the World, Cities and the Christian Community. Someone is waiting for your word of hope....will you help someone. Send your comments, views, perspective or thoughts to info@LifeInChrist.Life

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About the Bible

A Lot of people like to question the truth of the bible, but what they are really doing is questioning their life and how they live it. You ever wonder if what you are doing or how you are living is in line with God plan for you. You ever get a little nervous with some of the decisions that you have made in life, will effect your eternal destiny. Well below we have provided you with some of the more common questions that are asked by Christians and None Christians. Take a moment to discover if you are living in line with God truth and plan for you.


How should we as Christians deal with homosexuality and the issues taking over the media?

Apparently, there is a great concern and division among Christians today regarding our attitude while...Read More

What does the Bible say about remarriage if divorce occurred before salvation?

What does the Bible say about remarriage if a divorce occurred before salvation? This is...Read More

What does it mean to be Free from Sin?

Proverbs 20:9 asks the question “Who can say, ‘I have cleansed my heart; I am...Read More

What is the importance of Christian Fellowship?

In order to understand the importance of Christian fellowship, we must first understand what Christian...Read More

What does it mean Love never fails?

The statement “love never fails” comes from best-known chapter in the Bible on love, 1...Read More

What does the Bible say about Prosperity Gospel

In the prosperity gospel, also known as the “Word of Faith,” the believer is told...Read More

What does the Bible say about Transsexualism/Transgenderism? Is gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria the result of sin

Transsexualism, also known as transgenderism, Gender Identity Disorder (GID), or gender dysphoria, is a desire...Read More

What does the Bible say about Violence?

Violence is defined as “physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing,”...Read More

Why are all Christians Hypocrites? Are all Christians Hypocrites?

Perhaps no accusation is more provocative than that of “hypocrite.” Unfortunately, some feel justified in...Read More

Is God Dead?

The technical term for the teaching that “God is dead” is theothanatology, a three-fold compound...Read More

What are the most common World Religions?

There are countless religions in the world, with most religions having sub-sects within them. Generally...Read More

What was God doing before He created the Universe?

Our finite minds find it hard to comprehend that before the universe was created, God...Read More

Why does God allow birth defects?

The ultimate answer to this difficult question is that when Adam and Eve sinned (Genesis...Read More

Who are the Black Hebrews/Black Israelite’s

The terms “Black Hebrews” and “Black Israelites” refer as a categorical whole to several independent...Read More

How Should a Christian Spouse handle an adulterous affair that has resulted in a child?

Marriage is a covenant that brings a couple together both spiritually and physically. Infidelity causes...Read More

Video Gallery

Welcome to the Life in Christ - Matters video section. In this section we are going to place our 5 minute sermons about Life In Christ. Now we know that everyone has their choice of ministers they like to listen too, if they are teaching the true word of God, please by all means listen to them. We have the same choice as well. So below you will see and hear some of the most down to earth and up to heaven biblical messages of today. The list will change on a monthly basis, or just think of this page being updated with new 5 minute sermons on a monthly basis.

Thank you for tuning into the LIFE IN CHRIST - MATTERS video section.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Christ, I Am the Way

Ashamed to share the Word of God

Heaven or Hell its your choice

Dealing with the Trials of Life

Getting Your Prayers Answered

The Greatest Love of All


Welcome to the Life in Christ Donation section. Thank you for taking the time to view this section of the website. Life in Christ is a bible-study that exist to educate and to bring to you, the student a spiritual understanding of the Word of God. We serve to help you strengthen your personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We take confidence in delivering the good news of Jesus Christ to many people city wide, state wide and world wide. We would be grateful for your faithful obedience to the Kingdom of God, through your financial contribution to Life In Christ Bible Study.  If we had a choice and the necessary resources we would hope to see none parish through the depths of sin, to end up not living an eternity with our Lord and Savior.  So help us to build those resources and to continue the teachings of Christ to those wanting and needing to hear the Good News with your donation.

Life in Christ is a bible study that is open to all people of various races, backgrounds, genders, churches and cultures. We teach the Christian Faith, meaning that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that God is the one and true living God. We accept and believe in the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are asking you to give with your heart and love for God as well as for others, a donation that would help us to pay for another year of giving food or donations to individuals and families in need.  We do not need your mortgage money, rent, gas money, utilities or grocery money because you need those items to survive.  We only need what you can offer outside of that. We want no one to be placed in a position of hardship by giving, that is not our intent and neither is it Gods. 

If you can help us reach the spiritual and physical needs of others, what a blessing it would be. Most of  all we hope that others would get an opportunity to hear and understand the word of God, because of your kindness.

Life in Christ Bible Study is open to the world Join us in Bible Study on the first Saturday of each month in 2023 – 2024. Use the contact form below to inquire about the times for Bible Study.



You can reach us at the following email address:


Email your praise reports and bad reports to the following email addresses:


From Monday to Friday, 10:00 pm – 7:00 am, call us at:
(323)379-4631  – All times are Pacific Time.


We take your situations and praise seriously. For every question you ask we will provide an answer.  We know that some answers you may not want to accept, and that may be your problem.

Bible College Materials

This section will contain Information for those that are enrolled in Bible College - ONLY